About Us

About Us

Rating Academy was established in 2016 and continues its activities in Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Technopark. As Rating Academy Publishing, our aim is; to provide our readers with high quality books. Therefore, it is our primary priority to bring new authors and new books to the publishing world by offering our writers with the editorial services and the printing, sales and distribution support of their books.

As Rating Academy Publishing, we publish your literary works for free.

  • Editorial Services

  • Design, Cover Design and Layout

  • ISBN and Bandrol Transactions

  • Print Service

  • Promotion and Advertising Services

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a universally accepted company in the field of publishing; In this context, it is to present qualified publications with universal criteria to the service of society.

Our Mission

As a company, it is our main mission to make impartial and qualified publications independently and to serve the society. It is our mission to produce projects, make publications, provide training and organize meeting organizations.

Our principles

Independence; Impartiality; Honesty; Reliability; Responsibility; Consistency; Transparency; innovation; Creativity; universality; Result oriented; Quality; Leadership; Adding value; Continuous improvement


Our capabilities

Customer happiness
35 %
Delivery on Time
100 %
Product Quality
100 %
Support Response
100 %

Our collection

From rating academy to academic publishing to journal publishing; It offers publications in literary, scientific, cultural, social and artistic content.

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